13th - 26th March
$3,950 USD PER RIDER, 40% Discount for Pillion Passengers
Central Vietnam, Laos & North Vietnam - All in One Epic Tour!


This VMT Fully Supported Special Event Tour comes packed with extras! Including;

Quality Overnight Stays in twin-share rooms [includes one bonus night either side of the tour for pre/post-tour accom.], Selection from our fully serviced & maintained fleet of Lifan Motorcycles, All Breakfasts & Lunches (and one Welcome Dinner), Endless supply of cold bottled water, fruits and snacks, The incredible VMT team of guides and support crew (ready to show you Vietnam like no other!), Support Van to carry luggage and supplies (with limited seats for non-riders), Entrance Tickets & Permits, All Fuel, Limited 3rd party insurance,  Helmets, 24HR back to base support, and heaps more..! 

VMT GoldStar Reviewed Tour. 
This tour is suitable for all experienced riders seeking the ultimate motorcycling holiday. 
Limited places, so book early!
Tour Price: $3,950 USD PER RIDER [40% Discount for Pillion Passengers]
TO BOOK THIS TOUR: Go to our ‘Contact Us’ Page by clicking HERE, or email us at the address below.
For more information regarding tour inclusions and price see the additional details listed at the end of this itinerary outline.
All Riders are asked to arrive in Da Nang at least a day before the tour begins.
Pre-tour accommodation for the evening in Da Nang will also be included as a part of the tour package.

DAY 1: Da Nang - Khe Sanh - 13th March - (Vietnam) [250 km]
Rise and shine, we’ve got a big ride ahead of us - a fitting start to such an epic adventure! l always have the Cold-Chisel song ‘Khe Sanh’ humming through my mind on this road... The twisting roads that lead us towards Khe Sanh hold views across outstanding scenery. Villagers can be seen taking care of the day’s washing in the river, this place is amazing! I really feel alive, my veins are always filled with ADVENTURE here! Old traditional handmade village huts line the roadside, making this a grand day on so many levels. This is a perfect way to settle in to the beautiful country of Vietnam - a place that touches your heart in so many ways, rich in history, deep in culture. Sharing the experience with the VMT crew and like-minded riders is something that will stay deep with you as one your most incredible adventures. This isolated and rarely used section of road passes through majestic scenery close to the Laos border, giving you a taste of what’s to come. When we reach our destination of Khe Sanh, we will have a great overnight hotel stay with awesome food, so take the time to rest up ready for tomorrow’s ride!


DAY 2: Khe Sanh - Phong Nha -  14th March - (Vietnam) [280 km]
This incredible road twists and winds its way through spectacular limestone mountains covered with deep forests, river valleys, roadside waterfalls and  crystal clear rivers for swimming. We ride towards Phong Nha through Ke Bang  National Park, which contains the oldest karst mountains in Asia. Formed approximately 400 million years ago, the mountains are riddled with hundreds of  intricate cave systems and the area is even home to the world's biggest cave (discovered in 2009). Just when you think this ride cannot get any better, today is huge. The empty road resembles a race track as the landscape unfolds  on this road trip of a lifetime. Soaring through twist-filled limestone mountains  that seem to go on forever, what more could a rider want? VMT crew and support  comes into its own here, as these areas are remote and our handy support van is  filled with everything needed for such journeys. This is the ultimate riders  adventure! We arrive late in the day into the small town of Phong Nha, with our hotel overlooking the Son River.

DAY 3: Phong Nha - 15th March - (Vietnam) [Home of the World’s Largest Cave!]
Good Morning, Vietnam! Enjoy a delicious breakfast in our stunning hotel overlooking the turquoise waters of the Phong Nha river, perhaps taking in an early morning stroll to the quaint riverside markets nearby. Phong Nha is famed for its epic cave systems, including the newly discovered Son Doong - the World’s Largest Cave! Discovered just a few years ago, nicknamed the Mount Everest of Caves, the inside roof of Son Doong is said to soar higher than the Empire State Building! Hidden 55km deep in the nearby wild jungles, Son Doong attracts hardcore cavers from around the globe. Today we will have the chance to explore Phong Nha Cave and Paradise Cave - these too are huge and mind-blowing in beauty. Or simply kick back and relax in Phong Nha, the perfect setting for a restful day watching the local fishing boats sail in. The local area still retains its old world charm, with the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains towering over the village. For those hungry for adventure, our trip to the caves will certainly hit the spot! Phong Nha Cave ('Cave of Teeth') was even used in the 'American War' to hide supplies that would feed through the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We access this huge cave by wooden boat, drifting through the small entrance of a subterranean waterway - the atmosphere is out of this world, as the mysteries of the Ho Chi Minh Trail come to life. Inside, the walls are decorated with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, with lighting installed to allow its beauty to really shine through. After a break for lunch and a rest at our hotel, we’ll head across to Paradise Cave - it’s a solid walk but it’s well worth the effort! A small entrance opens up into a huge cave inside, regarded as one of the most stunning caves in the world! This simply is a must-see!

DAY 4: Phong Nha - Lak Xao
- 16th March - (Vietnam/Laos) [270 km]
An early start after our rest stop at Phong Nha - we’ve got one of the most challenging rides today, but that makes it all the more rewarding! An early morning departure will see us immediately climbing the steep mountain roads towards the Laos Border. We are still well within Limestone territory here, with plenty of roadside stops to catch a few photo opportunities of the jagged Karst Mountains scattered throughout this incredible country. However, the fun certainly doesn’t end just because we hit the border… We will see the clear divide between the two countries as we enjoy a stunning entrance into Laos, spending the rest of the ride making our mark on Laos as we begin our new explorations!

DAY 5: Lak Xao - Muang Mo
- 17th March - (Vietnam/Laos) [270 km]
It’s the first full day of riding in Laos, so let’s make the most of it..! We will venture North as we depart from our small border town, gradually making our way towards the incredible mountain ranges that populate this stunning country. As the children wave and shout ‘hello!’ you will feel the welcoming atmosphere drawing you in, with the locals taking on their roles as perfect, peaceful hosts. You may see a few last glimpses of Vietnamese culture, but from here on out we will be well and truly within the REAL Laos!


DAY 6: Muang Mo - Phonsavan - 18th March - (Laos) [150 km]
As the morning mist rises in the small village of Muang Mo, wandering the laneways of this quaint village adds to the feeling of what this adventure is all about. Village life is always it best in the morning! After a mighty breakfast we saddle up and ride deeper into this stunning country. The roadside is lined with simple villages, full of old huts built from local timbers. The simplicity of these homes is a perfect reflection of life here in general, where time has almost stood still. Rural farming life has continued unchanged for centuries on this remote and winding road, best explored by motorcycle! As we ride further into the Northern reaches of Laos, you will notice that the roads keep soaring higher and higher -  from old wooden bridges to stunning views and clear mountain streams glistening in the sunlight, the riding is guaranteed to keep you engaged throughout the lush Laotian Countryside! Mid-afternoon has us rolling into Phonsavan & checking into our rather grand hotel.. Did anyone mention a cold beer! Kick back & relax before heading out to explore this small city. Be sure to check out the local Mines Advisory Group Office - still disarming and destroying countless unexploded landmines every day. Despite its peaceful nature, Laos is in fact the world’s most bombed country. The shocking information featured at this MAG office will provide a world of insight and is sure to inspire a new level of compassion for the people of Laos. A country that was bombed back to the stone-age; Laos, its people, and its naturally beautiful landscapes are completely unique to Asia.


DAY 7: Phonsavan - Luang Prabang - 19th March - (Laos) [270 km]
After a great night’s sleep in our peaceful hotel, get ready to boost up those km’s as we soar through some of the highest altitudes and twistiest roads yet! Hairpin after hairpin, with each one providing a whole new angle on the incredible Valleys and Peaks all around us! Lush green Tropical Jungle can be seen right to the horizon, yet as we reach our destination you will find that the quaint (yet-ever-growing) city of Luang Prabang is awaiting us, hidden around the final few sweeping bends of the mountains… After settling into our comfortable hotel, we'll enjoy an awesome local dinner together with a few cold beers to round the night off.


DAY 8: Luang Prabang   - 20th March - (Laos) [UNESCO Heritage Site]
Take a trip back in time as we explore the ancient capital of Laos - Luang Prabang. Now fully preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the stunning architecture stands proud as a permanent mark of culture. The locals carry on with their day, seemingly unaware that time stands still in this uniquely stunning ancient city. Stroll through the narrow cobbled lanes and streets, explore the local craft markets, or simply marvel at the vintage cars scattered around the town! Surrounded by impressively unique architecture, busy street food markets, and the smiling faces of Laotian Locals… It really is impossible to avoid the beauty of this charming place!


DAY 9: Luang Prabang - Nong Khiaw - 21st March - (Laos) [165 km]


Remote mountainside villages pave the roadside throughout our ride today - so take some time to get to know the locals whenever we stop for a cool drink or local snack! The people here are beyond friendly, welcoming and waving to you at every turn… It is only fair to show the same courtesy back! The elderly will astound you with their hardiness, whilst the children will amaze you with their innocence. Be sure to share a few moments of your touring experience with them - after all, adventure is about understanding, and understanding comes from connection!




DAY 10: Nong Khiaw - Vieng Thong - 22nd March - (Laos) [165 km]
We’ve got another awesome day of riding ahead of us as we press forwards into new territory. Battling the twists and turns of the epic Laotian Highlands, you will find that almost all of the roads here are carved through vast mountain ranges, with our altitude soaring and varying with every twist of the throttle! With stunning views overlooking the endless mountains, you’ll find it hard to believe that anyone ever committed the efforts into carving these roads out in the first place! If you’re afraid of heights… Don’t look down!


DAY 11: Vieng Thong - Sam Neua - 23rd March - (Laos) [155 km]

Day 11 already! Can you believe it?! We’ve already reached our final full day of Laotian riding! We’ve kept it short so that you can explore to your heart’s content - making sure that you can squeeze every last memory out of this stunning country that we have all come to know and love. The locals may shout ‘hello’ on every street corner, but the time has come to say our farewells to these friendly locals and to push forwards to our comfortable hotel at the small border town of Sam Neua.





DAY 12: Sam Neua - Quan Son - 24th March - (Laos/Vietnam) [140 km]

From one quaint border town to another, today will include the final border crossing! Pack your bags for an early start and brace yourself for an immediate change in both scenery and culture - once we hit that border you will see Northern Vietnamese culture in clear contrast to the Laotian style of living that we have grown so accustomed to. Nothing makes character and culture clearer than a side-by-side comparison through an epic border run!

DAY 13: Quan Son - Hanoi - 25th March - (Vietnam) [210 km]

As this once-in-a-lifetime adventure draws to a close, you’ll surely be wishing it was longer! But don’t worry, we’ve still got one last day of riding ahead of us to ease the transition back into regular life... and what an excellent day of riding it is! Even with our week of high-altitude adventure through Laos, the vast mountain ranges of Northern Vietnam never fail to impress… With rice paddies as far as the eye can see, the harsh angles of the Limestone Karst Mountain Ranges provide an impressive backdrop. This is the stuff postcards are made of! Soak it up and get as many pictures as you can, because later in the day you will surely be stunned by the rapid transition from truly traditional Vietnamese Countryside surroundings to the hectic inner-city lifestyle of Hanoi. Be ready for some traffic as we enter the big city, but you will be well-rewarded with a luxurious overnight stay in this charming city!


DAY 14: Hanoi City Tour - 26th March - (Vietnam) [By Foot]
Hanoi has a thousand years of history packed into its narrow, busy little streets, so take a day to get to know your surroundings alongside your fellow riders. Taking a walk around Hanoi’s serene, tree-lined lakes is a great introduction to the charm of this city. We’ll delve into the network of tiny alleyways that make up Hanoi’s famous Old Quarter. Filled with old shophouses, temples, pagodas, and cafes, this is Hanoi’s ancient, beating heart. We’ll stop for a Vietnamese espresso on the sidewalk to soak up the atmosphere, before poking our heads into the incense-filled courtyards of a temple or two around this impressively metropolitan yet surprisingly traditional city. As we settle in for one more night together, we say our goodbyes to the bikes, tour members and crew - all over an awesome dinner of course! Our beloved bikes are then loaded onto trucks and taken back to Nha Trang, where they will receive plenty of love and care in order to be ready for the next adventure! Enjoy a few well-earned beers together and remember to trade contact info with your new friends and fellow riders - this is a shared experience that will stay with you forever, so let’s not lose touch!

This tour also features post-tour accommodation in Hanoi for this final evening.

Tour inclusions: 
- Quality Overnight stays in Twin-share rooms [includes one bonus night either side of the tour for pre/post-tour accom.]
- VIP private transfers
- Flights within Vietnam
- Guides and VMT Support crew
- Lifan Motorcycle, All Fuels & oils
- Full mechanical support
- Mini Van & Luggage Transfers
- Breakfasts & Lunches (and one welcome dinner)
- VMT T-shirt and VN touring map
- Endless flow of bottled water, fruits and snacks
- Field medical kit & back to base support
- Return Motorcycle Freight to VMT HQ
 Not included:
# Motorcycle riding gear 
# International flights and Visa
# Personal travel insurance (must include motorcycling)
# Some dinner meals (as indicated)
VMT GoldStar Reviewed Tour. 
This tour is suitable to all experienced riders seeking the ultimate motorcycling holiday. 
Limited places, so book early!


Tour Price:


[40% Discount for Pillion Passengers]

TO BOOK THIS TOUR: Go to our ‘Contact Us’ Page by clicking HERE, or email us at the address below.


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