August 17th - 26th 2023
[$2,900 USD PER RIDER]

This action-packed tour is styled around the BBC TOP GEAR VIETNAM SPECIAL.
Join Like minded Riders on this truly amazing ride through the most spectacular roads of Vietnam. Vietnam offers the best road touring in Asia and if you ask us, the Top Gear show simply did not do it justice..! Not only do we retrace some of roads and sights of the Top Gear special, we also include the best roads that were missed by the presenters! Tour the Real Vietnam, adventuring through the Central Highlands and famous Ho Chi Minh Trail. Stunning Mountain Roads, Coastline, Small Remote Villages, Beaches and Jungle - it’s got the lot! This special event tour is well and truly packed full of adventure, but don’t worry, there will still be plenty of time to make spontaneous stops by the roadside in order to admire in the views, chat to hospitable locals and dine on the region’s famous fresh food.
Rated as the number 1 ride in Vietnam..!
The tour itinerary below gives you a flavour of what you’ll experience on this incredible ride.


Tour Highlights;
# Self-ride Motorcycle Adventure
# Central Highlands, Remote Villages
# Remote Hill Tribes, Old War History sites
# Ho Chi Minh Trail
# Central Highlands, Nha Trang, Hoi An
# China Beach 
# Hai Van Pass
# The Best Roads from the TOP GEAR VIETNAM SPECIAL
# The Best Roads NOT featured in the show
# A Taste of the REAL VIETNAM!

This VMT Fully Supported Special Event Tour comes packed with extras! Including;
#1 Airport pick up & Transfers
#2 Flights & Transfers within Vietnam
#3 Quality Overnight Stays with western style bathrooms . Wifi
#4 Our famed VMT English Speaking guides & support crew
#5 Selection from our fully maintained fleet of Motorcycles (easy, comfy and perfect for touring Vietnam!),
#6 All Breakfasts & Lunches "Welcome Dinner” You will love the food . Special dietary request catered for .
#7 Detailed rider breifing & VMT T-shirt & touring map .
#8 Mercedes minivan baggage transfers , supplies " limited seats for non-riders” traveling with the tour
#9 Entrance Ticketing & Permits . Limited 3rd party & bike damage cover.
# 10 All Fuel, mechanical & spares . 24HR back to base support . Field medical kits

VMT tours are designed for riders seeking the ultimate adventure touring the very best of the real Vietnam Limited places, so book early!
Tour Price: $2,900 USD PER RIDER [40% Discount for Pillion Passengers]
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For more information regarding tour inclusions and price see the additional details listed at the end of this itinerary outline.

Exclusive to VMT riders . Local Temp Vietnamese License
If you require a local Vietnamese License . VMT can arrange this for you . We handle all the required paperwork . 
Ask us more when booking  


August 17th
Day 1: Da Nang - Hoi An (70km)
After a great first night in our pre-tour accommodation, early birds will be greeted in true ‘GOOD MORNING VIETNAM’ style! Step out of the hotel and check out the Vietnamese locals going about their daily life; from street vendors to coffee stalls, welcome to the energetic morning culture of Vietnam! You could even make the most of the sunshine by taking a dip in a warm and clear ocean. Da Nang is known for its sandy beaches and history as a French colonial port. Don’t wander around for too long though as we’ll need you back in time for our Rider Briefing (this is a motorbike tour after all)!
After our briefing, it’s time to get this show on the road! This great easy ride follows the coast with stunning seaviews. Today is designed to get you settled in for the epic adventure ahead! Today is also packed full of wondrous sights, including a ride to Phap Lam pagoda (where you can see a 67-metre tall statue of the Bodhisattva of Mercy!) and a peaceful swim session at the famed China Beach.
This awesome ride will have us heading across to Hoi An Ancient town - filled with stunning old architecture featuring a mix of wooden Chinese shop houses, temples and colourful French colonial buildings. Even the laneways are filled with traditional handicrafts, cafes and bars! The evening atmosphere in the town is also very unique, with the lantern stalls and night markets rated as must-see. Enjoy a multitude of restaurants & bars serving traditional & international foods, but don’t forget to check out the famous tailor shops that (for a very cheap fee) will make you a custom suit or dress. Many shops can have your items prepared by the following morning, ready to take with you or ship back to your home country.

August 18th
Day 2: Hoi An - Hue (90km)
Enjoy a riverside breakfast in this UNESCO listed heritage town! With its roots dating back to Portuguese traders in the 15th century, Hoi An’s colourful and diverse history is a joy to behold. Time to crack open the throttle along the incredible Hai Van pass. This spot was Clarkson’s favourite stretch on the Top Gear Special, but it’s just a taster of what’s to come during our rides each and every day! We will then continue to press forward, making our way to the Imperial City of Hue - home of the royal palace and also Vietnam’s finest artisans. Hue is the country’s third largest city and is located on the banks of the Perfume river. Hue is a city that is held close to the hearts of poets, romantics and musicians who keep the old ways relevant against the backdrop of a booming Vietnam. Enjoy the stunning architecture and relics of leaders and eras gone by, before the night becomes alive with a fantastic array of incredible restaurants and cafes/bars.

August 19th
Day 3: Hue - Khe Sanh (160km)
Enjoy a great breakfast in the morning, then get ready to saddle up for today’s epic ride. Full of twists and turns, this day’s journey will be sure to send riders into a state of nirvana! You will immerse yourself in the rich local culture and surroundings, all from the comfort of your trusty Lifan!
With big mileage (along with plenty of stops) we are setting our sights towards Khe Sanh, where (after a long and beautiful mountain ride inland) we pay a visit to the old combat airbase, along with an interesting stop at a junkyard which still to this day receives defused bombs. In the centre of town there also stands a huge monument carved from stone, which celebrates the bravery of the North in reference to the American War. We’ll have another great overnight hotel stay with awesome food, splitting the bill on a hearty meal that will cost just a few dollars.

August 20th
Day 4: Khe Sanh - Kham Duc (300km)
l always have the Cold-Chisel song ‘Khe Sanh’ humming through my mind on this road... The twisting roads that follow Da Krong River hold views across outstanding scenery. Villagers can be seen taking care of the day’s washing in the river, this place is amazing! I really feel alive, my veins are always filled with ADVENTURE here! Old traditional handmade village huts line the roadside, making this a grand day on so many levels. Vietnam touches your heart in so many ways, rich in history, deep in culture. Feeling at one with my trusty iron horse. Sharing the experience with the VMT crew and like-minded riders is something that will stay deep with you as one your most incredible adventures. This isolated and rarely used section of road passes through majestic scenery close to the Laos border. When we reach our destination of Kham Duc, we will have a great overnight hotel stay featuring an in-house kitchen that cooks really great meals!

August 21st
Day 5: Kham Duc - Kon Tum (180km)
This is the proper Ho Chi Minh trail in all it's twisting and undulating glory ! Steeped in history, crucial to the war effort, vital to the life blood of Vietnam, it virtually speaks to you as you negotiate each turn. This is where the bulk of the riding footage from the famous Top Gear special took place, so soak it up and enjoy what will be one of the best days of your life! As many of our riders state, they just can't believe the sheer beauty of these areas and the amazing roads which you simply have to see for yourself! Overnight we will stay at our great comfortable Hotel in Kon Tum, with plenty of cool drinks to be had, as always! 

August  22nd
Day 6: Kon Tum - Buon Ma Thuot (230km)
One of the longer stretches of riding sets off today... and it just keeps getting better! More awesome roads, lush jungle, rubber tree plantations, altitude changes, minority villages and much more! Venturing deep and entering the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, we will show you the famed supply route that carves through the most remote mountain jungles of Vietnam. Used by the Viet Cong to send troops and supplies from North to South throughout the raging war, today the Ho Chi Minh trail is a joy for riders to behold. This incredible road is simply amazing! Over the coming days you will see Vietnam from a truly unique perspective. This is true motorcycling adventure! You'll appreciate a cold beer and a comfortable bed after today's long haul, which we will be more than happy to provide you with!

August 23rd
Day 7: Buon Ma Thuot - Lak Lake (120km)
Easy start into today: We saddle up and ride through the Dak Nong province, which was the scene of many conflicts and heavy bombing by the US Airforce during the American War. Today these regions are farmed coffee plantations.The roads winding through the regions provide not only great riding, but also a true insight into this mighty country. Our lunch stop is at the impressive Dray Sap waterfalls - great for dip while our lunch is prepared! We will then arrive at our overnight guest house, offering quality rooms with aircon & wifi. Better still, we are located directly across from Lak Lake and the surrounding rice fields! Not to mention the constant flow of passing elephants.. Did anyone mention a cold beer too?! Local foods in these regions are super fresh and tasty... Lak Lake is also home to several minority tribes and some traditional villages that are well worth taking the time to look at. 

August 24th
Day 8: Lak Lake - Dalat (155km)
Ready to Ride? We’ve got another great day ahead! Back in the saddle, we ride from Dalat to Lak Lake. Featuring winding back roads that carve through coffee fields and rural farms, this is an outstanding ride. Plenty of stops along the way allow us to try some local coffee and visit an old (and very interesting!) silk-making factory. We will then pass through some small villages, where you will see countless farmers tending crops Vietnamese style! Roads in these parts are often shared by farmers and livestock, children walking to and from school etc. So keep focused! You‘ll soon get accustomed to the low speed riding in Vietnam. Not only is at necessary for safety, but it also allows you the time to really take in the sheer beauty of this truly incredible country. We will soon arrive at our awesome hotel! Full of antique cars and bikes, this is actually the very same hotel used for this location in the Top Gear special! You are sure to love the collector’s vehicles and quaint decor here (we know we do!). Famed as the ‘Swiss Alps of Vietnam,’ Dalat holds some very unique European-influenced architecture and has a cooler climate than the surrounding areas. Dalat today is also known as the city of love; partially owing to its flower growing, it has become a popular holiday retreat for young Vietnamese couples. Evenings are cool and the local night market is a must-see!

August 25th
Day 9: Dalat - Nha Trang (160km)
This is the last full day of riding on your epic adventure, so be sure to make the most of it! Largely this ride consists of a long downhill run from mountain top back down to sea level. Other than the great high-altitude views, you will also be passing flower fields, logging forests, traditional 'Long Houses', huge seasonal roadside waterfalls and wild rivers glistening in the sun. This incredible stretch of winding mountain road offers stunning views towards the coastline as we approach the radiant pearl harbours of beautiful Nha Trang. We will then reach our hotel in Nha Trang, where you can enjoy the busy nightlife and stunning beaches of ‘hip’ Nha Trang nightlife. We will enjoy a great dinner together along with a few cold beers as the adventure of a lifetime draws to a close.

August 26th
Day 10: Great Ocean Road of Nha Trang (80km)
A relaxed but beautiful end to the tour, we will guide you today through the awesome sights of Nha Trang. Riding along the winding coastline, you can enjoy some outstanding views of the South China Sea. We soon stop in at Bai Dai Long Beach, featuring a beach that stretches as far as the eye can see, lined with bamboo huts on the golden sandy shores. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear! Take a dip or relax while our lunch is freshly made. After lunch, we will take a lovely afternoon ride around the edge of town, checking out some local villages and country back roads. Then, in the evening, you can join us and the VMT team for a delicious dinner at BBQ Un In..! Enjoy a few drinks and take the opportunity to say some farewells to your new riding buddies, along with the friendly VMT Team too of course!

This tour also features post-tour accommodation in Nha Trang for this final evening, along with post-tour transfer flights to either Hanoi or HCMC.

Tour inclusions: 
- VIP private transfers
- Flights within Vietnam
- Guides and VMT Support crew
- Lifan Motorcycle, All Fuels & oils
- Full mechanical support
- Mini Van & Luggage Transfers
- Quality Overnight stays in Twin-share rooms
- All Breakfasts & Lunches, one Welcome Dinner
- VMT T-shirt and VN touring map
- Endless flow of bottled water, fruits and snacks
- Field medical kit & back to base support
- Return Motorcycle Freight to VMT HQ
 Not included:
# Motorcycle riding gear 
 # International flights and Visa
 # Personal travel insurance (must include motorcycling)
# Dinner meals (except for ‘Welcome Dinner’)
VMT GoldStar Reviewed Tour. 
This tour is suitable to all experienced riders seeking the ultimate motorcycling holiday. 
Limited places, so book early!


Tour Price:
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