THE ROAD TO LAOS (13th - 26th March 2024)

13th - 26th March - 2024
$3,950 USD PER RIDER, 40% Discount for Pillion Passengers
Central Vietnam, Laos & North Vietnam - All in One Epic Tour!


This very special event is a must for anyone seeking the ultimate motorcycling adventure. we ride the hidden mountain back roads through the most remove villages of Vietnam & Lao's . deep in history & rich in culture . its your adventure! let us take you there . Expert local knowledge backed with high western standards .

Quality Overnight Stays in twin-share rooms [includes bonus pre/post-tour accom.] WIFI . Selection from our fully serviced & maintained fleet of Motorcycles, All Breakfasts & Lunches (and one Welcome Dinner), Endless supply of cold bottled water, fruits and snacks, The incredible VMT team of guides and support crew (ready to show you Vietnam & Laos like no other!), Support Van to carry luggage and VMT support supplies (with limited seats for non-riders), Entrance Tickets & Permits, All Fuel, Limited 3rd party insurance, Helmets, bike damage cover, 24HR back to base support, and heaps more..!

VMT GoldStar Reviewed Tour. 
This tour is suitable for all experienced riders seeking the ultimate motorcycling holiday.  
Limited places, so book early!
Tour Price: $3,950 USD PER RIDER [40% Discount for Pillion Passengers]
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For more information regarding tour inclusions and price see the additional details listed at the end of this itinerary outline.

DAY 1: Hue - Khe Sanh - 13th March - (Vietnam) [170 km]
Good morning Vietnam ! .. this great day we have all been waiting for has arrived . this epic journey ahead touring the most unexplored regions of Vietnam & Lao is by-far one of the most spectacular VMT calendar events. After a great breakfast . baggage loaded in support van . rider briefing . its time, Helmets on ! . we cruise through the back streets of Hue "the home of the last Vietnam Emperors" soon reach the outskirts passing local countryside villages. midway joining the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail this superb stretch of winding road that follows the Dong Nai river. Outstanding views across the valley and surrounding mountain ranges . its so hard to imagine this whole region was once at war. l can help but have the Cold Chisel song "Khe Sanh" playing in my mind as we edge closer to Khe Sanh . upon arrival we ride into the former Khe Sanh Marine base. today a small museum filled with historical pictures and weapons on display , additionally a C130 ,Chinook and old plane wreckage surrounds the remains of the old airstrip .enjoy a picnic style lunch . overnight in Khe Sanh . some great local restaurants surround our Hotel . enjoy !


DAY 2: Khe Sanh - Phong Nha -  14th March - (Vietnam) [270 km]
Regarded by the lucky few who have ridden Western Ho Chi Minh Trail. as being one of the best motorcycling roads on earth. 270km twisting and turning its way through spectacular "Jurassic Park like" limestone mountains covered in lush green jungle, crystal clear waterfalls & wild rivers. this pristine wilderness is still home for many rare animals including Elephants and Tigers . we ride through the Ke Bang National Park and UNESO World Heritage Site . containing the oldest karst mountains in Asia. Formed over 400 million years riddled with over 300 hundred caves systems including the world's biggest cave "discovered 2009" Hong Song Dong Cave . this mind blowing ride is simply described as a riders paradise . our picture perfect picnic lunch stop in a small village . handy having our great guides and support crew in these remote regions keep an eye out for gibbons, late afternoon has us arriving into Phong Nha with our great hotel overlooks the Son Con River. this charming village offers a great range of local and western style bars and restaurants .

DAY 3: Phong Nha - 15th March- (Vietnam) [Home of the World’s Largest Cave!]
Good Morning Vietnam! .. enjoy a fresh coffee overlooking Song Con river and peaceful mountain views that surround this village . stroll through the village markets . 9am we board our awaiting long boat for a short cruise upriver and into Phong Nha cave "voted as one of the most wonderful caves in the world" said to be nearly 8km long, while scientists have surveyed 44km of passages , we venture in just over 1km . filled with the most spectacular stalactites and Stalagmites . "cave has lights installed throughout" . big is an understatement and sheer beauty is a sensory overload of feeling like your in the center of earth . returning along the Song Con river offering great views of the nearby villages . time for a great lunch .the afternoon see us riding "40min" across to the Paradise Cave. this cave is 31km long . the cave ceiling height can reach 72m and 150m wide . discovered in 2005 and more spectacular than Phong Nha cave . this is indeed a very special hidden gem . back in town the evening free to enjoy the village life and array of bars and restaurants

DAY 4: Phong Nha - Tan ky
- 16th March - (Vietnam/Laos) [270 km]
enjoy coffee and breakfast overlooking the Song Con River . our bikes have seen a good service and check over and readyfor the next leg of this amazing journey . Helmets on ! Time to say our goodbyes to Phong Nha . riding north back on the Ho Chi Minh trail a relaxed pace ride with endless insights of the daily life in rural Vietnam .surrounded by picture perfect landscapes . views across colorful rice fields some still holding bomb creator scars as this region faced some of the heaviest attacks throughout the American War . passing array of farming areas from tree plantations to fields of tea . traditional farming methods are still used . our great lunch stop at a lake surrounded in maze like tea hedges . one strip of our road is so wide ! hmm this must be an old airstrip . we arrive into Tan Ky . enjoy this overnight stay with great local foods and few ice cold beverages .

DAY 5: Tan Ky- Quan Son
- 17th March - (Vietnam/Laos) [240 km]
Step back in time! as this super supreme day is filled with surprises . we have unearthed a hidden gem that takes us even deeper into the real Vietnam "off the map" . this incredible stretch takes us through an area of villages that have remained unchanged for centuries. traditional way of life here is an incredible insight of real village life . this narrow twisty road unfolds the most remarkable landscapes . from the bamboo waterwheels feeding rice terraces , the wooden homes are a work of art . this is a truly incredible day . our riders all state the same . they just cannot believe the sheer beauty . the afternoon see's us pop out into Quan Son , a peaceful village and some of the best local cooked foods in all of Vietnam .


DAY 6: Quan Son - Sam Nuae - 18th March- (Laos) [150 km]
As the morning mist rises . its time to saddle up for another great ride, through a vast mountain range covered in huge wild bamboo for as far as the eye can see . the twisting road leads us all the way to the Laotian border and greeted by our awaiting Laos support team . A little time is taken to process entry documents . and a new visa entered into your passport . Welcome to Laos . lunch is just over the border . the landscape changes and the road conditions a little rough . Laos is a truly remarkable part of the world. over the coming days we ride most remote and stunning regions, deep in history and many parts remain unseen by the outside world . the story and history of Laos will unfold as we venture on through . along with great overnight stays in the most incredible locations with our first night in staying in a village called Sam Nuae over looking Nam Xam river . enjoy a cold Beer Lao ! . dinner at the nearby restaurant is great !


DAY 7: Sam Nuae - Phonsavan - 19th March - (Laos) [240 km]
Back in the saddle for another top adventure, mountain roads filled with spectacular views and villages built on roadside edge of the mountain . friendly faces with lots of smiles and waves as we roll though this great land . plenty of stops along the way getting to no the locals . if time permits we'll swing past a school . with some much welcomed supplies and gifts . edging closer to to our next overnight stop in Phonsavan capital town of Xieng Khouang a bustling small city . good range of local restaurants and bars . Nearby there is small museum called UXO unexploded ordinance and the ongoing impacts that still remain from the US "secret" bombing of Laos during the Vietnam war from 1964-1973 the US dropped more than 2 million tons of bombs on Lao's. on average a plane load of bombs was dropped every 8mins for 9 years .


DAY 8: Phonsavan - Luang Prabang   - 20th March - (Laos)(270km) [UNESCO Heritage Site]
Good morning Laos . by now your see that its takes time to clock up miles on these winding roads . but the pace is good and the bends keep you focused in a relaxing manner. riders often state this adventure really changes their whole outlook on life. Lao being the only land locked country in Southeast Asia and with over 70% being mountainous . most villages live a traditional life . kids being real kids seen swimming in rivers or playing with home made toys "no ipads " lots of goats chickens and pigs roam the roads . horses play a big part of daily life in Laos . arriving into vibrant Luang Prabang our hotel overlooks the mighty Mekong River a superb location to watch the sunset with an ice cold drink ! enjoy this incredible location .


DAY 9: Luang Prabang - 21st March - (Laos)
Enjoy all there is to offer in this UNESCO World Heritage Site , with history stretching back more than 1000 years . The outstanding fusion of traditional architecture and European french colonial Luang Prabang is by far the best preserved town in Asia . join us on guided morning walk through town and temples or enjoy the day simply relaxing . there is no riding today but we do jump aboard a Tuk Tuk and journey out to Kuang SI Waterfalls, prepare to be mesmerized by these majestic waterfalls .bring your swimmers . back in town lots of great cafes and bars & day spas & massages . the shopping of traditional crafts and night markets are well worth the look . if you happen to be up around 5am silent lines of saffron clad monks walk down the streets to collect alms . "A Silent Ritual Bonds Both Giver and Receiver . the evening comes alive with with night markets and vendors . people watch from one of many cafe's and bars that line the street

DAY 10: Luang Prabang - Nong Khiaw -22nd March - (Laos) [140 km]
Well rested and ready this get this adventure back on the road ..our bikes have been serviced and ready for the next leg . Helmets On ! our ride today sees us heading North to Nong Khiaw located amidst the limestone mountains with our great overnight stay overlooking the Nam Ou river . enjoy a relaxing lunch! taking in the views with a cool drink . later afternoon join us on a boat trip checking out some interesting sites . the surrounding also village is well worth exploring .


DAY 11: Nong Khiaw - Muang Khua - 23rd March - (Laos) [220 km]

Enjoy a great breakfast with river and mountain views . Helmets on !! we are back in saddle continuing north following the Nam Ou river many mountain passes and small villages and even few bamboo bridges to try . our overnight located Phongsali Province near the Vietnam border. did someone mention cold beer ! . not much in the town , a nice views over looking the river . popular spot for locals swimming and fishing . the local bar and nearby restaurant tends so be our hangout .



DAY 12: Muang Khua - Son La - 24th March- (Laos/Vietnam) [260 km]

Loving these plush seats for big days in the saddle. and the added bonus of having our bikes serviced and maintained throughout the whole tour. time to twist that throttle to border hop ! Lao-Vietnam boarder, heading back into the Vietnam is a faster process . awaiting like clock work is our Vietnam Support Van switch luggage and say goodbye to our great Lao support team . we are soon on our way to Son La . the landscape quickly changes lots of rices fields colorful landscapes . great overnight stay and good selection of restaurants nearby

DAY 13: Son La - Nghia Lo - 25th March - (Vietnam) [220 km]

Another superb day in the saddle the sheer beauty this region is picture perfect riding in paradise. stunning stilted traditional wooden homes along flowing roads and epic mountain views straight out of Jurassic park . our overnight stay in Mai Chau is one of the most popular with all our riders who have had the pleasure of this evenings stay in a traditional village . simply incredible .


DAY 14: Nighia Lo - Hanoi City - 26th March - (Vietnam) [200km]
Today has us riding to the big smoke of Hanoi, a thousand years of history packed into its narrow, busy little streets, as we edge closer the traffic will increase and surround us . we have a few carefully marked routes that gets you in with ease. We ride to a truck stop for our bikes to be freighted home . Aboard our transfer minibus that whisks us through the busy center towards our final night stay in famous Old Quarter. Filled with old shop-houses, temples, pagodas, this is Hanoi’s ancient, beating heart. Enjoy a few well-earned beers together and remember to trade contact info with your new friends and fellow riders - this is a shared experience that will stay with you forever, so let’s not lose touch!


Tour inclusions: 
#Vietnamese motorcycle license . "option"
#Quality Overnight stays in Twin-share rooms (single room upgrade option at extra cost) pre-tour acomm on the 26th Hue, one night post tour acomm 9th Hanoi
#pre-tour flight to Hue .
#Guides & VMT Support crew
#Motorcycle & Full mechanical support
# Mini Van & Luggage Transfers
#Breakfasts & Lunches (and one welcome dinner)
#VMT T-shirt & VN touring map
#Endless flow of bottled water, fruits and snacks
#Field medical kit & back to base support
#Return Motorcycle Freight to VMT HQ
 Not included:
# Motorcycle riding gear
# International flights & Visa
# Personal travel insurance (must include motorcycling)
# Some dinner meals (as indicated)


Tour Price:


[40% Discount for Pillion Passengers]

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