October 25th - November 3rd
[$2,900 USD PER RIDER]

Welcome to the VMT EXPLORERS CLUB TOUR! This 10 Day Premium Tour has it all…! From the sights and sounds of HCMC, to the incredible remote mountain regions of Vietnam, this truly is the ULTIMATE RIDE!  On this incredible road trip we’ll explore the heart of untamed Central Vietnam. Deep in history and rich in culture, this really is an astounding region - with awesome riding from start to finish! Navigating the mountainous ‘spine’ of the country, we’ll pass through spectacular, untouched scenery and former battle sites from the ‘American War’. Twisting mountain passes take us deep into remote territory, surrounded by the lush rainforest. Old army outposts, small hill-tribe villages and waving children line the roadside... We’ll have these awesome roads almost entirely to ourselves! The infamous war torn path of the Ho Chi Minh Trail road and Western Ho Chi Minh - Asia’s best-kept motorbiking secret: We’ll be riding the whole length of it... Twice! Cruising this road-less-travelled on one of our Lifan motorcycles will be an experience you’ll never forget. We’ll take it at a relaxed pace, carving through these simply outstanding mountain roads with plenty of time to stop and take it all in - including 2 nights at Phong Nha, close to the newly-discovered largest cave system in the world, with 2 incredible caves for us to explore by foot and by boat. The tour itinerary below gives you a flavour of what you’ll experience on this incredible ride. For more information regarding tour inclusions and pricing, please see the additional details listed at the end of this itinerary outline.

Tour Highlights;
# The Sights & Sounds of HCMC
# Cu Chi Tunnels Museum 
# The Remote Villages of the Central Highlands
# War History sites along the Ho Chi Minh Trail
# Khe Sanh, Hamburger Hill
# Western Ho Chi Minh Trail
# Phong Nha Caves
# Hai Van Pass
# The Ultimate Self-Ride Motorcycle Adventure!

This VMT Fully Supported Special Event Tour comes packed with extras! Including;
Flights & Transfers within VN,
Quality Overnight Stays,
Selection from our fully serviced & maintained fleet of Lifan Motorcycles (easy, comfy and perfect for touring Vietnam!),
All Breakfasts & Lunches (and one Welcome Dinner), 
Endless supply of cold bottled water, fruits and snacks,
The incredible VMT team of guides and support crew (ready to show you Vietnam like no other!),
Support Van to carry luggage and supplies (with limited seats for non-riders),
Entrance Tickets & Permits,
All Fuel,
Limited 3rd party insurance, 
24HR back to base support,
and heaps more..! 
VMT GoldStar Reviewed Tour. 
This tour is suitable for all experienced riders seeking the ultimate motorcycling holiday. 
Limited places, so book early!
Tour Price: $2,900 USD PER RIDER [40% Discount for Pillion Passengers]

TO BOOK THIS TOUR: Go to our ‘Contact Us’ Page by clicking HERE, or email us at the address below.
For more information regarding tour inclusions and price see the additional details listed at the end of this itinerary outline.

All Riders are asked to arrive in HCMC at least a day before the tour begins.
Pre-tour accommodation in HCMC for the evening of October 24th will also be included as a part of the tour package.
October 25th
Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City

GOOD MORNING VIETNAM !! For those up early, it’s a great time to check out the lively streets of early morning HCMC. Surrounded by the street vendors setting up their stalls for another day of trading, this is often by far the best time to be out and around in HCMC. Why not drop into a local coffee shop and enjoy a special Vietnamese coffee? Our pre-tour accom also provides a delicious breakfast, so make sure to get your fill, because at 8.30am we will be meeting in the lobby and getting ready to head on down to the Mekong River Wharf. Jump aboard our VIP speed boat for a trip down the mighty Mekong, surrounded by the diversity of its stunning river life. A waterway highway and home to floating markets for centuries, our journey has us heading towards Cu Chi - famed for its underground network of tunnels, used by the Viet Cong as a countermeasure in their resistance to the growing American Military efforts. This underground network features over 100km of tunnels which have been preserved by the Vietnamese government. Here, you are welcome to take a look underground of the former base of operations for the Viet Cong. Above ground there is also a lot of historic national history to take in, and a shooting range where you can (for a fee) fire a number of assault rifles such as the M16 rifle, AK-47 and M60. Time for a good local lunch, then our return trip back up the mighty Mekong, heading towards HCMC. In the evening, you will then be free to check out the hustle and bustle of HCMC at night, which features a wide array of great restaurants and bars.

October 26th
Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City - Hoi An (by Air)
An early morning flight takes us up the coast to Danang. From here we transfer to the ancient port town of Hoi An. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoi An is Vietnam’s most enchanting town. A trading post since the 15th century, Hoi An’s streets are lined with old shops, storehouses and temples, built by Japanese, Chinese and European traders. We’ll soak up the charming atmosphere on Hoi An’s riverside and sample some of the tasty local specialities. A riders’ briefing at 2pm is followed by a stunning ride along the coastal road linking Hoi An and Danang. The long beach here – known as ‘China Beach’ to the Americans during the war – is fast becoming a world-class destination for global high-earners. With the South China Sea to the East and mountains to the West, this short ride will certainly whet our appetites for the journey ahead of us! We’ll be back in Hoi An in the evening to witness the beautiful sight of lanterns floating on the river and illuminating the ancient streets. 

October 27th
Day 3: Hoi An - A Luoi (180km)
Our first full day on the road is an awesome ride, taking us from the densely populated coast all the way up to the sparsely inhabited Annamite Mountains. From Hoi An’s old town, we make our way across shimmering seas of rice paddies where farmers work the fields with wooden machinery, as they have done for hundreds of years. Moving further westwards, the jagged foothills of the Annamite Mountains appear on the horizon. As the road climbs higher, fields and crops become forests and jungle; towns become villages; brick homes become wooden huts. We join the Ho Chi Minh Road, and head North. This road was once part of the famous military supply line between North and South Vietnam, during the ‘American War’. Back then the route wasn’t much more than a dirt path through the jungle, but today it’s a meandering thread of tarmac, leading through sublime scenery. This is the first section of more than five hundred glorious kilometres that we’ll be spending on the Ho Chi Minh Road. The 100km ride from Prao to our night stop at A Luoi is a motorcyclist’s dream: hairpin bends and switchbacks lead up and down thickly forested mountains and valleys. And best of all, there’s hardly any other traffic to spoil the fun!

October 28th
Day 4: A Luoi - Khe Sanh (100km)
Continuing on the Ho Chi Minh Road from A Luoi, we pass by some of the bloodiest battle sites of the ‘American War’. Clearly visible from the road, Hamburger Hill rises from the valley, its slopes still treeless from all the bombing and defoliants dropped on it during the 1969 battle. We’ll have plenty of time to stop and look around, including meeting local people who live in simple wooden homes by the roadside. Women in this area have red-stained teeth from chewing betel leaf, and men are fond of smoking potent ‘Lao tobacco’ from bamboo pipes. Locals are remarkably friendly and you may find it difficult to leave this hospitable valley. The road ploughs on in a straight line through a lush valley filled with tropical fruit trees. Children wave excitedly from the roadside, as if cheering us on our way. Following the lovely Dakrong River valley, we’ll see young women carrying fresh seasonal fruit in wicker baskets on their backs. Stop to have a taste and you’ll find this is the sweetest, juiciest fruit you’ve ever had. The last leg of the day heads east toward the Laos border. An excellent new road snakes up to 1,200 metres above sea-level, to Khe Sanh, site of the infamous 1968 siege.


October 29th
Day 5: Khe Sanh - Phong Nha [Western HCM Road](280km)
Take a deep breath, because you’re about to experience the best day’s riding in Vietnam! The western branch of the Ho Chi Minh Road is an extraordinary stretch of tarmac: skirting the border with Laos and boasting more than 3,000 corners, this incredible route weaves its way up and down one of the most scenic, least-trodden, magical parts of Vietnam. While locals in Khe Sanh may ask why you want to ride such a deserted road, the answer is obvious to any motorcycle enthusiast: it’s heaps of fun! After rolling out of Khe Sanh and passing by the old US air base, the road narrows and the modern world seems to disappear completely. For 280km the Western Ho Chi Minh road sweeps and swoons over jungle-clad mountains, echoing to the sound of exotic birds and gushing waterfalls. There are no significant settlements on this road and not one gas station for its entire length. The only dwellings are wooden stilts homes, mostly inhabited by ethnic minorities, who are ecstatic to see foreigners. This area is so isolated that you’re more likely to see buffalo and oxen on the road than vehicles. Much of this territory is part of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, which has recently received press attention thanks to the discovery of the world’s largest cave system, lying beneath the limestone mountains here. For now this is Asia’s best-kept motorbiking secret, but it won’t be long before the word spreads: let’s enjoy it now, while we still have it all to ourselves.!

October 30th
Day 6: Rest or Explore Phong Nha Caves
The town of Phong Nha is a small riverside settlement, surrounded by awesome limestone karst mountains. This is the perfect setting for a relaxing day of rest! Kick back with a beer and socialise with your touring companions, or perhaps take a stroll along the river bank and watch the fishing boats sail in as the Vietnamese countryside comes to life. Alternatively, for those who want to take this incredible region by the horns, we will take a ride out to some of the spectacular caves in the area. Phong Nha Cave ('Cave of Teeth') was even used in the 'American War' to hide supplies that would feed through the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We access this huge cave by wooden boat, drifting through the small entrance of a subterranean waterway. Inside, the walls are decorated with beautiful stalactites and ancient carvings from the Cham Kingdom. In the afternoon we will also ride out to Paradise Cave - reached via a stunning road through jungle-covered limestone mountains, 15km from Phong Nha town. Although the entrance to the cave is small, once inside the scale is breathtaking: an enormous, cathedral-like space opens up before you, illuminated by spotlights. It's beauty is well worth the 1500 stairs! Rated as one of the World's most beautiful caves, this really is an Explorer's dream... The evening will see us relaxing back at our overnight stay, enjoying a cool drink and a delicious dinner whilst overlooking the river. 

October 31st
Day 7: Phong Nha - Khe Sanh [Western HCM Road Return Leg](280km)
Because once is not enough, we retrace our route on the Western Ho Chi Minh Road back to Khe Sanh. There’s so much to see and so many wonderful scenic spots to stop and admire the views, that you’ll wish this road never ends! We’ll stop for lunch by the wild waters of the Long Dai River, and we’ll have plenty of time to wallow in the wonderful scenery of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.


November 1st
Day 8: Khe Sanh - Hue (170km)
Retracing our route along the Ho Chi Minh Road from Khe Sanh to A Luoi, we’ll get another chance to gaze upon the fertile valleys in this region, and stop to say hi to local villagers. It’s striking that the people in this area, which suffered so much during the war and is still one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam, should be so welcoming and generous. It’s not unusual to be invited into people’s homes, or be treated to a roadside snack of fresh pineapple, or offered a toke on a bamboo pipe. It’s a good idea to carry a bag of candy with you on the trip, so that you have something to offer the adorable kids, who are ever-present during stops in the countryside. At A Luoi we say our fond farewells to the Ho Chi Minh Road and head eastwards. Coming down from the mountains on a pretty pass through eucalyptus forests, we enter the ancient imperial capital of Hue.

November 2nd
Day 9: Rest Day - Explore Hue
Nestled on the banks of the Perfume River, Hue is an elegant city filled with history. After a few days in the remote mountains, it may come as a shock to see so many people and so much traffic again. But Hue is a seductive place with a fine local cuisine, often considered the tastiest and most sophisticated in Vietnam. We’ll have the chance to ‘refuel’ with plenty of good Hue-style food. For those who want to tone it down after the riding thrills of the last few days, Hue offers a peaceful, riverside setting in which to sit back and chill out with some cold drinks. However, if you’ve still got the energy, this city is one of Vietnam’s cultural gems. The imperial architecture of Hue dates mainly from the 19th century and is famous throughout Vietnam. Citadels, palaces, pagodas and royal tombs fill the city and dot the surrounding countryside. In the evening we’ll host an awards night for our road trip group, and celebrate having almost completed our Explorer’s Club Adventure!

November 3rd
Day 10: Hue - Danang [via the Hai Van Pass](50km)
The final ride of our epic journey takes us from Hue to Danang city, via the famous Hai Van Pass. Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson couldn’t help but be amazed by this meandering mountain road, with incredible views over the beaches and ocean. ‘Hai Van’ means ‘ocean mist’, but if we’re lucky the weather will stay clear and we’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic views! This rollercoaster pass is a fitting end to our 10 day Premium Tour. In Danang we say our goodbyes to bikes, tour members and crew before boarding our prearranged flights back to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. Our beloved bikes are then loaded onto trucks and taken back to Nha Trang, where they will receive plenty of love and care in order to be ready for the next adventure!



Tour inclusions:  
- VIP private transfers
- Flights within Vietnam
- Guides and VMT Support crew
- Lifan Motorcycle, All Fuels & oils
- Full mechanical support
- Mini Van & Luggage Transfers
- Quality Overnight stays in Twin-share rooms
- All Breakfasts & Lunches, one Welcome Dinner
- VMT T-shirt and VN touring map
- Endless flow of bottled water, fruits and snacks
- Field medical kit & back to base support
- Return Motorcycle Freight to VMT HQ
 Not included:
# Motorcycle riding gear 
 # International flights and Visa
 # Personal travel insurance (must include motorcycling)
# Dinner meals (except for ‘Welcome Dinner’)
VMT GoldStar Reviewed Tour. 
This tour is suitable to all experienced riders seeking the ultimate motorcycling holiday. 
Limited places, so book early!


Tour Price:


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