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Its your journey let us take you there . We ride deep into the real Vietnam, touring areas that are yet to be discovered by the outside world . Vietnam is a riders paradise . You will not find us in the “NOT SO” Lonely Planet guide book . We offer deal premium quality fully supported tours for riders & pillions seeking the ultimate adventure . If your like us and not into mainstream tourism your love what we have on offer .

Touring the country back roads of Vietnam is where its at! with a mixture super twisty roads. Helmets on & Hang on ! . We often joke bout the sheers number of bends on these superb roads ..its a Moto3 mega fest . Riders often joking its the best fun to be had with your clothes on!

Our carefully mapped out routes rank in the top 5 best rides in the world, rides that stretch from the white sandy beaches of Nha Trang and all the way through the twisty Central Highlands & mighty Ho Chi Minh trail, considered not only the best riding but famed for most picture perfect countryside views you’re ever likely to see, the countryside is alive with with such an array of sites and sounds; farmers going about their daily routine of tending to rice crops, wildlife roaming free, children waving as you pass by. The roads are at a relaxed pace but no shortage of fun to be had on the twisty bends, the roads often shared by children walking to and from school. As our trusty steeds stand out from the run of the mill scooters which populate Vietnam, you can expect to be greeted by many passing smiles as children call out “Hello!! What’s your name? Where do you come from?” passing many roadside waterfalls and small remote traditional villages where time has remained still for centuries .. this country is incredible !! With its biker friendly way of life and welcoming smiles .. book now and see why so many riders review riding Vietnam is the best !!



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