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We venture deep into parts of Vietnam that are yet to be discovered by other tour companies, who often choose to take the direct routes of main highways such as Highway 1 (or better known as Death Highway! don't be fooled by  maps that make Highway 1 look like a nice coastal road, it’s no fun at all!). Same goes for main cities such as HCMC and Hanoi, they are just not worth riding: all constantly jammed with heavy traffic.

We are located in the beautiful seaside city of Nha Trang: with stunning beaches and beautiful coastal riding, it's the perfect place to start your tour.

Nha Trang also backs onto the Central Highlands, which by far offers the most amazing roads in Vietnam. Winding their way into what would have to be some of the most picture perfect countryside views you’re ever likely to see, the countryside is alive with with such an array of sites and sounds; farmers going about their daily routine of tending to rice crops, wildlife roaming free, children waving as you pass by. The road speeds are at a relaxed pace as we make our way through the country. With the roads often shared by children walking to and from school.  As our bikes stand out from the run of the mill scooters which populate Vietnam, you can expect to be greeted by many passing smiles as children call out “Hello!! What’s your name? Where do you come from?” 

The roads are also shared by farm tractors, buffaloes, pigs, ducks, chickens and just about everything else! It's sometimes an overwhelming experience as it's just so different to our lives back home, this country just makes you feel so alive! In general, we would rank the roads as being good to excellent with 95% being sealed (keeping in mind they are country roads). You get some short gravel sections but nothing too over the top, but if you’re wanting full off-roading with knee deep mud then we suggest you look at touring the very North of Vietnam, with roads often blocked because of landslides.

If you’re like us and love flowing country backroads, then you’ve found the right operator.  You will find yourself passing many roadside waterfalls and small remote villages where time has remained still, lush green mountains, roaring rivers... The ride just keeps getting better each day! We often explore The Central Highlands and HCM Trail road (newly constructed in 2006), famous for being the main supply route during the Vietnam war.

The region has mainly recovered from the fierce battles that took place, but there are still scars that can be seen, such as hillsides or mountains that suffered the likes of agent orange and, amongst other things, you are likely to see old bombed churches, bridges and abandoned airstrips. Aside from all the incredible scenery this country has to offer, it is just mind blowing how much untouched,protected jungle wilderness there is in these parts of Vietnam.

We can write about this till the cows come home.  By now you would most likely know someone that has already been to Vietnam and told you how incredible the country is, (even if they only did the same old, same old tourist route) so if you’re wanting something different, with great adventure, touring the best roads in Vietnam, with good clean comfortable overnight stays (and riding motorcycles that were build this Century!) along with experienced local motorcycle guides that will guide you through the REAL Vietnam, then give us a call!


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