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After a long day in the saddle exploring this truly amazing country, it’s good to know you can relax, take a shower and have a great night’s sleep. When you ride with VMT you will find that each and every night you will be provided with clean, comfortable surroundings. Our choices of location are superbly diverse, yet all share one consistent thing: high standards of quality and comfort. You can rest assured that at the end of the day, you will always be able to put your feet, sip on a cold beer. relax and get some quality rest. After all, it’s in our interests to make sure you’re feeling fresh in the morning and ready for some more adventure!

Vietnam Motorbike Tours all include overnight stays for each day that you ride with us. Every stop will be in clean, safe, local family owned Hotels and Guest Houses. Even in some of the most remote parts of the Central Highlands and Ho Chi Minh Trail, we have found great hidden spots to get some comfortable rest. In general, all of our stays include air conditioning, Western style bathrooms, hot/cold showers, telephones, televisions and free WiFi internet connection.

We always endeavour to avoid large international Hotels. We never compromise on quality, but we like to keep it local and support the Vietnamese people as much as possible.


Vietnam is famous for its super fresh cooked foods, you’d be hard pushed to find anything better!

From noodle soups to sticky rice, barbecues to seafood, Vietnam has truly mastered it’s cooking.

For any seafood lovers out there, you’ll be sure to enjoy some of the freshest catches you will ever encounter, whilst those with a preference for their home comforts certainly won’t struggle to find Western style dining.

Customer feedback is always unanimously positive with regards to our food choices on tour. For many, the new culinary experiences even become one of the prominent tour highlights!

Breakfasts and lunches are included in the tour package, and are always diverse enough to please a crowd. Breakfast often could be something Western-style such as bacon and eggs, or perhaps local-style like a bowl of noodle soup. Often you will have a range to choose from, so you will always have a great start to the day. Lunch can be a short break at a rice kitchen, with grilled meats and vegetables, or in some of the more remote areas we may stop for a picnic style lunch, in which we will provide amazing baguette style bread, with ham, cucumber, tomatoes, omelette etc. with which you can create your own sandwich in a buffet fashion.

In the evening time, we generally do not directly provide dinner (please check itineraries for more info, as this is variable within some Special Event Tours). This allows greater freedom for anyone who may have varying tastes, as you will all have total freedom of choice from the many surrounding restaurants. However, we do not simply leave you all alone in unfamiliar surroundings (unless you want us to!). The VMT guides will recommend a great tried-and-tested place to eat, usually with a diverse range of local and Western foods available. Everyone is invited to join and eat together, but can pick whatever they may like from an extensive menu.

VMT will always provide ample opportunity to discover and experience new foods and styles of eating, whilst also retaining a freedom of choice. If you’d like, you can eat Western food ALL week…

That’s fine by us, but if you want our advice: this truly is a culinary culture worth delving into!

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